Being tired, bored, unmotivated, angry, sad, frustrated or anything else like that doesn't mean you're negative.  It means you're human.  And there are reasons we humans all feel these things at times.  And you can't have happy without sad.  You can't experience what excitement is without experiencing what anger is.  Day and night.  Clean and dirty.   Busy and relaxed.  Sleeping and awake.   Tired and energetic.   It takes more than one feeling to create a feeling.....   I think?  Learning by mistake.

Who are you and what is life?

Nothing major....  Just the old who are you and what is life thread.....  What are we doing here?  Is the way that society is structured destroying our shot at happiness?  Is the American Dream really about freedom???  

Breakdowns. Breakthroughs. Highs and lows.  Take away all the things and stuff and titles and other outside crap and feel your feelings.  Who are you really? What do you really want? Liberate yourself. Or at least watch me liberate myself.

3 Lame Excuses

I hear a lot of excuses. Which are un-technically just roadblocks between people and their greatness..... Without thinking too much about it these are the top 3 I hear the most. Although are more. What are your excuses? Actually I don't want to know. Better. What is your action plan?

Whats Your Definition of Hard?

Stacy here.  Do you have an irrational fear of going to fitness classes?  I'm willing to bet that most people do.  I do.  So if you do, know that you are not alone.  We are in this together.  ALSO.  Whats your definition of hard?  Do you want to evolve, change, grow?  Create new possibilities in your life?  If you answered yes to any of these things consider leaning into the hard.  Practice what you're not great at.  The more you practice the easier it gets.  Inspired by my workout with the 530 class on Monday (taught by Rozi) enjoy the video blog!

Boundaries. Hot sauce. Living + Learning.

Stacy here.  Last week Roz shared a post about boundaries. Which for me was always one of those ''things'' that I never really understood.  Until someone recently suggested that I need to parent myself.  I'm a terrible parent to myself!!!  And then later I realized not only that, I've also been proudly pouring hot sauce in my eyes my entire life.  I've been a YES for absolutely everything in the history of the world ever except for NO.  I've never been a YES for NO.  Which I'm learning is actually more powerful.  So ya. I guess you live and you learn. Or, I live and you learn?  Enjoy my latest revelation about using Tabasco sauce as eye cream.

Parent Yourself.

Do you parent yourself? I'm 32 and finally starting to get this. I've been a terrible parent to myself. I'm over scheduled and under managed, over worked and under appreciated, over stressed and under rested. I am well aware that I've done this all by myself, to myself, because of myself, all on account of me and my lack of properly looking out for myself. I've been doing A LOT of work around this "stuff" and on Monday hearing "you need to parent yourself" really lit a fire around this for me. That and a teary phone call with Roz at about 330 this afternoon, shortly after recording this VLOG.... Today shit got real. It definitely helps to have people that will stand for you and tell you what you need to hear to push you to your edge. And ultimately it is up to YOU to parent yourself.  So. It is with this post that I do proclaim publicly that I am going to chill the fuck out a bit. A lot. I Hope you learn something from my recent falling flat on my face cause I have really bad hair in this video (and always) and would have liked to read record at another time with slightly neater hair. -Stacy

Love the Un-Lovable

I have long time known that the people who are the hardest to love are the people who need your love the most.  For I am one of these people....  And right now, these past few days, for whatever reason I've been making myself really hard to be around let alone love.  Working on figuring out why (other than possible hormonal imbalance related to monthly lady times) and until I do, enjoy my shenanigans.



Why is New Wave Fitness called New Wave Fitness?

I've been meaning to do this post for almost 3 years now.  To explain why I called New Wave, New Wave.  There are many reasons and here for your viewing pleasure are the top 3:

Pardon me for being so excited - I watched it after posting it and was like OMG Stacy CALM-THE-F*CK-DOWN.  For balance I will be sure to make my next v-log something that I can speak about with more chillness.


A little snippet of my 2nd video blog about how eating clean and healthy (weight loss) isn't about science.  Or calories.  Or tracking this or that.  Or another program where you track, weigh, journal or report.  Its about TUNING IN to your body.  Tapping into your wisdom and tuning into your inner knowing.  Annnnnd it was interesting.  One of those things that I understand and am struggling to articulate.  After almost 10 years in the fitness industry I have learned a thing or two.  This one is big so naturally it is hard to dilute down into a short video blog.  Back to the drawing board with my thoughts on this topic I go....  Until then. Peace + Love.  -Stacy