Parent Yourself.

Do you parent yourself? I'm 32 and finally starting to get this. I've been a terrible parent to myself. I'm over scheduled and under managed, over worked and under appreciated, over stressed and under rested. I am well aware that I've done this all by myself, to myself, because of myself, all on account of me and my lack of properly looking out for myself. I've been doing A LOT of work around this "stuff" and on Monday hearing "you need to parent yourself" really lit a fire around this for me. That and a teary phone call with Roz at about 330 this afternoon, shortly after recording this VLOG.... Today shit got real. It definitely helps to have people that will stand for you and tell you what you need to hear to push you to your edge. And ultimately it is up to YOU to parent yourself.  So. It is with this post that I do proclaim publicly that I am going to chill the fuck out a bit. A lot. I Hope you learn something from my recent falling flat on my face cause I have really bad hair in this video (and always) and would have liked to read record at another time with slightly neater hair. -Stacy